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Benefits Of Cordyceps

Once the most rare and coveted supplement in China, Cordyceps was only available to the elite -- the emperor and wealthy individuals. Today, Cordyceps is one of the most highly regarded medicinal plants in Chinese Medicine. A natural Chinese supplement, cordyceps benefits several body systems, including the respiratory, glandular, circulatory and immune systems.

Cordyceps has traditionally been used to help the body build strength, endurance and stamina. Cordyceps has properties similar to those of ginseng which provide energizing support to people experiencing fatigue and exhaustion. In addition, it helps the body maintain proper blood viscosity.

Other benefits of Cordyceps include, aiding the upper respiratory tract and promote healthy lung function. It supports both male potency and female vitality, as well as, kidney health. Cordyceps also increases levels of naturally-produced antioxidants and is believed to promote longevity.

History of cordyceps

More than 1500 years ago in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet, the lush meadows close to the snow line were covered with many flowering plants and grasses. The local herdsmen who liked this area for herding, gradually noticed that when their cattle and sheep chewed a particular grass, they became very strong. Even old yaks showed signs of being younger, and had increased natural vigor. Little did they suspect that this "grass" actually was a parasitic fungus which invades the body of caterpillars and eats the soft tissue. The "grass" part is the fruiting body of this mushroom. It is called Cordyceps sinensis.

Was it possible that small grass contained some mysterious ingredient? Some traditional Chinese doctors started to gather them as medication for their patients. To their surprise, the grasses did wonders for several diseases for which they did not previously have any cure. And so the medicinal powers of Cordyceps sinensis were discovered. Its mysterious health effects were passed from one generation to another.

More than 1000 years later, in the Ming Dynasty, the emperor's court physicians studied the Cordyceps formula, and using their own experience and wisdom, improved on their usage. Cordyceps then became a respected TMC (Traditional Chinese Medicine) drug but was available only for the Imperial Palace. The common people had no authorization to use Cordyceps. The Chinese named it Dong Chong Yia Cao, or "winter-worm, summer grass".
Cordyceps increases vitality and stamina by:

Improving the cellular energy production
Enhancing the utilization of oxygen in the body
Increasing blood circulation, making oxygen and nutrients more rapidly available to all parts of the body

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Cordy Juice

The Legend of Cordyceps

Cordyceps is known as “legendary treasure of the East”. Cordyceps, in Chinese called “Winter Worm, Summer Grass”, belongs to the family of fungus (Cordyceps sinensis (Berk.) Sacc. Clavicipitaceae). As the name implies, Cordyceps is a caterpillar in Winter which evolves into a “grass” in summer.

The fungus is parasitic on the larva of the bat moth (Hepialus armoricanus Oberthur, Hepialidae). The parasitic fungus invades the body of caterpillar when it is hibernating during winter and consumes its soft tissue. Finally, the caterpillar dies. During summer, the stroma which is about 3-5 cm long, grows from the head of the larva.

It is occasionally found growing on other moth species as well. The normal range of this fungus is above 2000 meters elevation, and it has been found as high as 6,000 meters. There are also many other species of the genus Cordyceps. About 250 species of the Cordyceps are distributed worldwide, about 65 of them in China, 100 in Japan, and about 70 in Korea.

Latin : Cordyceps Sinensis ......
Japanese : Tochukaso ........
Chinese : Summer Grass Winter Worm .......
Common : Cetepillar Mushroom .......

Artificial Cultivation of Cordyceps

i. 1980s :

A sexual reproduction. Production of Cordyceps mycelium, mainly in China, using artificial medium as host. The mycelium is cultivated in huge tanks using liquid fermentation method. It is sold in the market as capsules or wine or drinks only.

ii. Mid 1990s:

Sexual reproduction using silkworm as hosts. Scientists in

Japan and Korea used silkworm puma as host to cultivate

the stroma (or the fruit body) of Cordyceps.

iii. Latest Development :

Direct cultivation of Cordyceps stroma. Involves

sexual reproduction with specially formulated medium

which replaces the bat-moth caterpillar. The fruit

body cultivation is based on organic medium developed

by scientists. This is the most advanced stage of

cultivation which engages the highest level of technology application. Only a small number of quality strains can be successfully cultivated into stroma.

Stroma of Cordyceps

Cordyceps stroma or "fruit body" is the mushroom part of the Cordyceps. The stroma grows from the head of the caterpillar corpse (which has been replaced by organic medium) when the Cordyceps becomes mature. In fact, the stroma is equivalent to the fruit on the fruit tree, and the mycelium of the caterpillar corpse (which has been replaced by the organic medium in our stroma cultivation process) serves to provide nutrition to the fruit. In fact, the most effective and potent elements are concentrated inside the fruit body.

Asia Herbal Biotech Cordyceps Stroma

The high quality strain of AHB Cordyceps Stroma by using latest biotechnology the fungus is cultivated in a controlled environment to produce AHB Cordyceps Stroma containing pharmacologically active components similar to those of the wild Cordyceps. The potency of stroma is, however, more stable and safer than that of wild Cordyceps. AHB Cordyceps Stroma has been internationally tested to exceed the criteria of medicinal grade cordyceps (according to the Chinese Pharmacopeoia) by an impressive 28 times.

Examined by an independent International Testing Group, Lifestream Greenhouse, AHB Cordyceps Stroma consists of 18 Amino Acids, 12 Vitamins, and is rich in Polysaccharides, Cordycepin, Cordycepic Acid (D-Mannitol), Adenosine and Adenine.

AHB Cordyceps Stroma is superior to wild Cordyceps in the following capacities:

It is "caterpillar free", i.e. grown without the use of animal nutrients, resulting in a 100% pure "vegetarian" health product.

It is regularly tested by independent laboratories. The level of heavy metal is far below the stipulated international safety standard.

It is harvested at the most appropriate time. This is crucial in ensuring its efficacy and high potency.

It is much more affordable than wild Cordyceps.

It is instantly prepared.

AHB Cordyceps Stroma is totally natural. It is free from preservatives, artificial coloring, flavor, pesticide and synthetic ingredients. It is a gentle tonic suitable for long-term consumption by all ages and for all seasons with no contraindications and adverse side effects.

Research shows that Cordyceps is beneficial for the heart, liver and immune

system etc;

1. Heart disease: In clinical studies significant improvements were found in stroke volume, heartbeat, cardiac output etc. in the Cordyceps group vs. the control group.

2. Cholesterol: Cordyceps reduces the amount of "bad" LDL cholesterol and increases the amount "good" HDL cholesterol. In one study, Cordyceps lowered total cholesterol levels by over 17 percent.

3. Liver Disease: Cordyceps can improve symptoms and liver-cell structures dramatically. Cirrhosis cells disappeared in 70 percent of the patients.

4. Sexual dysfunction in men: Cordyceps can benefit many men who have problems involving sexual function.

5. Disorder of the immune system: Cordyceps appears to be one of the most adaptive immunomodulators.

6. Fatigue: Cordyceps is used by competitive athletes in the treatment of fatigue and weakness, and to improve endurance and increase energy.

20 Functional Fruits

Acai Berry

High levels of dietary fiber • High levels of essential amino acids and trace minerals • High levels of plant sterols • Essential fatty acids ratio that resembles olive oil • Protein profile similar to eggs • Very low sugar content • High levels of antioxidants


Purple grapes contain resveratrol, the potent antioxidant found in red wine and other grape products that have been making headlines around the world.


Acerola thrives in the sandy soils. They are rich in both antioxidants and a range of important vitamins.


Bilberry fruit and its extracts contain a number of biologically active components, including a class of compounds called anthocyanosides which are potent antioxidants.


At 72mg of vitamin C per 100 grams of flesh, lychees are a very good source for this essential vitamin, as well as potassium and other nutrients.

Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, including: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and sulphur and B Vitamins.


Bananas are a common supermarket fruit and are often taken for granted (few realize the health benefits bananas bring to them). Bananas are the ONLY fruit that comes not from trees or bushes but from large plants that are giant herbs and are related to the lily and orchid family.


Apricots provide a rich assortment of antioxidants and are abundant with soluble fiber, beta-carotene, magnesium, iron, phosphorous, potassium and Vitamin C. They also include a natural salicylate.


Prunes are dried plums, rich in minerals and phenols, plus they have an extremely high ORAC value.


Kiwi fruit contains abundant phytonutrients and has gained fame as a delicious source of ample amounts of vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin C, trace minerals and dietary fiber.

Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn berry is also known as red fruit and it is rich in vitamins C and carotene.

*It prevents arteriosclerosis and cardio-vascular ailments.


Roselle is rich in Vitamins C and A.

*It is a natural diuretic which helps to reduce blood pressure and promote healthy and beautiful skin with beauty effects.

Tomato (Lycopene)

Lycopene was originally extracted from tomatoes and it is a form of carotene.

*Helps inhibit tumours, slows down ageing and prevents cancer of the prostate gland.


Pomegranate contains various types of amino acids and trace elements as well as Vitamin B complex. *It softens blood vessels, reduces blood lipids, blood sugar and cholesterol. It also improves indigestion.

Green Tea

Green tea contains the strong antioxidant Epigallocatechin gallate – EGCG.

*It resists ageing, acts as an disinfectant, slims down the body, reduces fats, prevents cancer, whitens skin and prevents harm caused by ultra violet rays.

Hexagonal Water Technology (HWT)

Water is formed when two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom combine, thus giving us the

formula H2O. This is known as a Hydrogen Bond. When 6 Hydrogen Bonds come together,

they form an organized pattern in the shape of a hexagon, a crystal-like structure, called

Hexagonal Water (picture a six-pointed star made out of water, i.e.: a snowflake). For a more

in-depth definition of Hexagonal Water, its function,and its ability to positively affect your

health, we encourage you to read Hexagonal Water: The Ultimate Solution, a 55-page

booklet by MJ Pangman, Msc.

Dr. Mu Shik Jhon explains that hexagonal water actually has the capacity to hold more

energy than normal water because of its structure. He states, “100% hexagonally structured

water has a huge capacity to store energy which can be released immediately when it is

utilized by living organism.”

Hexagonal Water Technology is liquid crystalline water. It is able to carry signals and transfer

information with greater efficiency because of its high degree if organization. It has a higher

energy state and appears to be the key to faster hydration, enhanced energy transfer, protein

and DNA stability, and the enhancement of numerous metabolic processes.

Every cell in our body has “docking stations” called receptor sites. For optimum absorption of

nutrients, water molecules need to have a particular molecular shape in order to hook up to

these receptor sites (much like a key that fits the right lock), thus allowing nutrients to be

carried into the cell and toxins to be transported out of the cell. Most types of water (distilled,

tap, filtered, etc…) do not have the correct molecular shape needed to penetrate or “unlock”

our cells in order to remove toxin build-up and to allow nutrients to enter.

Benefits of AHB Cordy Juice

Build body strength

High Anti-Oxidant

High Anti-Inflammatory

Improve breathing and lung functioning

Strengthening the immune system

Heighten sexual energy and enhance longevity

Male & Female sexual disorder (impotence / menopause)

Enhance Anti-aging and immunity properties

Better blood circulation & Stamina

Fatigue, Night Sweating

Improve high cholesterol disease

Improve recovery from illness

Kidney disease

Heart disease

Mental alertness, Mental clarity